15 Tanda Teknologi Merosakkan Dunia Anda

Dunia sekarang makin berkembang dengan IT. Adakah terlalu banyak teknologi merosakkan dunia anda? Sila lihat 15 checlist di bawah :-

1. The last time you talked to your mom was via a Facebook wall post.
2. You get more excited about the latest gadgets than a kid does about Disneyland.
3. Instead of going out, you stay home and play Wii.
4. You found out your boyfriend or girlfriend was cheating on you because you checked his or her phone. (Check out the most stylish iPhone cases).
5. Days pass without accomplishing nearly as much as you used to, but you’ve got one heck of a farm going on Farmville!
6. You see nothing wrong with responding to a text in the middle of a romantic dinner.
7. You flirt more via text than in person.
8. You know the answers to all of your date's get-to-know-you questions because you've studied his (or her) Facebook and Twitter profiles.
9. You have at least three email accounts—and check them daily.
10. You Instant Message your roommate or partner…when you’re both at home.
11. You walk to the beat of your own drum, but only because you always have your headphones on and turned up to blast.
12. Thanks to your DVR,catching up on the latest TV shows and movies has replaced catching up on you and your significant other's days.
13. A cool new phone app stops you in your tracks no matter what you’re doing.
14. The most intimate sentiments between you and that special someone are usually sent via text or email.
15. Winks, pokes, and nudges are now only the virtual kind.

Apa-apa hal pun sembahyang jangan lupa. Amin.


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