36 Funny (and Scary?) Name of Places

This picture is not related to any places below. Just for fun :-)
These were some funny names in the world that we living now. I never heard most of it! And the only part I found really funny was the last group at the end of the article. LOL. Check it out yourself.

Places you want to live :-
1. Cool, California
2. Beer, Devon, England
3. Disco, Tennessee
4. Fear Not, Pennsylvania
5. Rest and Be Thankful, Argyll and Butte, Scotland
6. Surprise, Arizona
7. Climax, Pennsylvania

Places you may not want to live :-
8. Accident, Maryland
9. Arsenic Tubs, New Mexico
10. Dismal, Tennessee
11. Double Trouble, New Jersey
12. Moron, Mongolia
13. Satan's Kingdom, Vermont

Delicious places to see :-
14. Bread Loaf, Vermont
15. Hot Coffee, Mississippi
16. Clam, Virginia
17. Egg, Austria
18. Toast, North Carolina

Cute places :-
19. Cabbage Patch, California
20. Silly, Belgium
21. Sweet Lips, Tennessee
22. Polkadott, Ohio
23. Punkeydoodles Corners, Ontario, Canada

Places where the animals go :-
24. Bumble Bee, Arizona
25. Chicken, Alaska
26. Porcupine, South Dakota
27. Doghouse Junction, California

Scary places :-
28. Eek, Alaska
29. Frankenstein, Missouri
30. Hell, Michigan
31. Hurt, Virginia
32. Monster, Netherlands
33. River Styx, Ohio

Questionable places :-
34. Why, Arizona
35. Whynot, North Carolina
36. Who's Thought It, Texas

Taken from Reader's Digest Laugh.


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