5 Things You Should NOT Avoid Spending Your Money Into

I know saving money is really important in an unstable economic nowadays, but there are things where you really have to pay in order to avoid spending a lot of MORE money in a later day or to avoid HORIBBLE situation to your future. Read on!

1. Paying for Your Maintenance
Good example for this one is sending your car to the maintenance a.k.a. servicing your car. You really should avoid this big mistake. It's true that you saving your money now but when your car breakdown in the future, you're gonna pay a big buck to repair it. There's another item I need to mention here. Paying for your sewerage maintenance. One good company taking care of this is Indah Water, for only 27 cent per day, you can have a peace of mind. For more information read their website : )

2. Paying for Your Taxes
Money you've got from Nuffnang/Blogging also accounted to be paid for the taxes! This because it will be considered as income to the person. But not all the money need to be paid for taxes. Only if your income for annually is more than RM25,501 then you're entitle for paying taxes. More information click here to read the details. So what if you don't pay your taxes? It's okay if you don't get caught by the LHDN officer. But if you do, they will do the calculation for your taxes from all the way back since you start your job or from your last payment to them. Scary, huh?

3. Saving for Your Retirement
This really a big mistake you should really avoid in your life. We'll never know what will happen to us in the future. So to better safe than sorry, you should spend some of your money into retirement fund example like EPF. Luckily our government make it compulsory for any employee to pay for their EPF scheme. But I recommended you to save for your own additional fund; because like EPF, they have their own conditions in order for you to withdraw your own money. Click here to see EPF types of withdrawal's condition.

4. Paying for Your Insurance
Not everyone can pay for their own expenses when it come to the medical. And I mean a big medical treatment like surgical, theraphy, expensive drugs and many more! And that's where paying insurance really come in handy. There's a lot of packages with different amount of payment by different of insurance company out there. Just choose your destiny : )

5. Buying A Good Meal
People need something fast and edible to eat as we're moving in the world full of fast technologies and people who don't have even time for themself. But make sure you control what you eat before you regret it later. Eating fast food is much more dangerous than you know. So let's stop spending in the wrong way and start buying a good meal okay? Chow time.


Nava.K said...

buying a good meal - certainly - my hubby always says that we work to feed our stomach and insurance esp health - when medical is so expensive these day and companies really don't give much for this.

Peace Editor said...

absolutely, you're right. insurance is a must nowadays and buying good meals is good for your health too : )

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