8 Workout Mistakes We Shouldn't Make

Ini antara mistakes yang kita selalu lakukan apabila ingin menguruskan badan ataupun bila pergi ke gym. So make sure to avoid these mistakes by reading below solutions. :)

Mistake #1: Not Eating Enough

Solution: Eat a well-balanced snack that involves proteins and carbohydrates at least two hours before you hit the gym.

Mistake #2: Not Resting Enough

Solution: Simple—get some rest! Working out three to four times a week is definitely sufficient when trying to meet your goals. On the days you don’t exercise, if you still want to be active, take the kids to the park, walk the dog or work in the garden. You can also maintain a healthy mindset by cooking nutritious meals for yourself.

Mistake #3: Not Incorporating Resistance Training

Solution: Don't be afraid to approach a trainer. That's what they're there for! He or she can demonstrate how to use the equipment and also discuss how to incorporate those types of workouts into your fitness plan two to three times per week.

Mistake #4: Slacking on Technique and Form

Solution: If you don’t work out with a personal trainer, feel free to ask them questions while you’re at the gym. Find out how many sets, reps and rests between sets you need. Trainers can also give you feedback on your form. Another great source is the Internet—"you can discover information on technique, form and effectiveness of different exercises for your body type,” Castañeda notes.

Mistake #5: Not Varying the Types of Workouts

Solution: Make sure you vary frequency, intensity and repetitions. Another great way to get the most out of your workout is to try new things. Check out your gym’s schedule for cardio and strength-training classes that strike your fancy, and take advantage of exercise DVDs as well as websites, like Exercise TV.

Mistake #6: Setting Unrealistic Goals

Solution: When crafting your workout plan, set goals that are attainable and realistic. "This way there’s a better chance you won’t give up and won’t be disappointed,” says Sims.
Mistake # 7: Not Stretching

Solution: Yoga is one of the easiest ways to incorporate stretching into your fitness program. “The poses will help you release a significant amount of tension in your muscles and will help you feel more relaxed," Castañeda says.

Mistake #8: Not Completely Focusing on Your Workout

Solution: Leave your worries in the locker room and “simply allow yourself five minutes to hit the ‘reset' button," suggests Castañeda. To clear your head before a workout, "sit down, close your eyes and breathe in and out for a few minutes. This will calm the central nervous system and promote overall relaxation, which in turn will allow you to dive into your workout and feel great,” she adds.

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