5 Things You're Recommend to Buy in Used/2nd Hand

In response to my previous entry regarding on how to save your money, now I would like to elaborate more by posting on the 5 things you're recommended to buy second hand. : )

1. Cars
You can find good used car like anywhere nowaday. If you're lucky enough, maybe the age of the car was not more than one year or without even a scratch! But make sure you do a thorough checking to the car like sending to PUSPAKOM or at least bring your own mechanic to do the checking. This to avoid you being cheated by the seller and you better be save than sorry.

2. Clothes
Even now I still buying at the 'bundle' because it is nice and full variety of cloths. You can get cheaper jeans and still in good condition. But I recommend you to wash the cloths first before you put it on. But now you can find not only shirts or jeans in the 'bundle' but even the curtain, bed sheet, pillow sheet or even shoes! Nice isn't it?

3. Books/Comics/Magazines
Bookstore like Popular, Borders always have discount on the old books at their store. Even in Penang while I was studying there, I came across into one store in Komtar if I'm not mistaken where they sell full volume of Dragon Ball comics at the cheap price! Or if you like magazine, I know one place in e@curve where they sell old magazine at only RM5 (but I forget the store name).

4. Electrical Appliances
You can find these type of used items at any shop selling electrical items. Various things can be found including air-cond, fan, television, radio or etc. Most of these items sometime was recondition item which mean they have damage before but had been repaired by the shop mechanic. So make sure you checked them first.

5. Furniture
I would really love to buy used item from these category. Websites like mudah.my really make the transaction easy for us, just like its name. Sometimes when people moving to other country, the want to sell big furniture instead of moving them to that place. I have one case where one of my friend buying from someone who move out to Kedah because of his job. The combination of TV rack, cabinet and television set for a price of below RM1000!

In conclusion, buying used or second-hand items really save you a lot of money. Trust me, I tried. : )


Nava.K said...

I never buy anything second hand, my car is always first hand and the rest, I give away.

ken said...

interesting.. i think among this list, i'll go for 3 and 4 only :)

Peace Editor said...

@Nava.K : You should try buying second hand items, it will save you a lot of money for a good goods : )

@ken : let's try it ken, save the money for greater deeds : )

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