How to Saving Your Budget/Money

Try these tips to save your money :

1. Never buy new what you can buy used.
There are a lot of second-hand shop for anything including car, furniture, cloth, handphone, eletrical appliances and etc. Make sure you check first the condition of the item before you decide to buy it though.

2. Never buy this generation when last generation will do.
One item will suit very suitably for this point is handphone. Nowaday new generation of handphone emerge like mushroom after the rain. iPhone is one best example for this one. First iPhone introduced in 2007, iPhone 3G then in 2008 and next was iPhone 3GS in 2009. And latest was last year when Apple introduced iPhone 4 to the market. But there's not much different in their function except all the iPhone can make the call, right?

3. Always ask for a lower price.
This is my favourite. : ) Remember to always negotiate your price with the seller.

4. Stop paying for name brands.
What's in a name? Often nothing more than a higher cost. Paying more is OK if the higher cost means higher quality. But it's not OK to pay more simply to help pay for some company's annoying commercials.

5. Share with your friends and neighbors.
Share your item like ladder, shovel to the neighbor is a great way to deepen your relationship with them. But not all item can be share with them, only the small one like the example I mention above.

6. Try to make it or fix it yourself.
Instead of buying your broken fan, you can try send it for repair or even try to repair it yourself if you have knowledge in doing so. Or you can make you own table in the lower cost rather than buying it at the store. There's a lot of Doing-It-Yourself (DIY) section in the store where you can use your imagination to reality! In this case I suggest IKEA at Mutiara Damansara. I love to go there with my wife. : )

7. Always use the Internet.
This one means you need to do the survey first before decide to buy them. Internet is full of resources and you can get almost anything from it nowadays like from Blogs! : )

8. Sell before you buy.
Why you need to buy when you can sell first what you don't need in your store room? Despite it can save you a lot of money, it can also help to monitor which item you still want to use and which one you want to get rid of. What you don't need maybe useful for someone else life. They can also saved their money instead of  buying for the new one (point no 1).


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